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  • Good Evening Tea (Shubh Saanjh Chai) -Digestive Tea
Good Evening Tea (Shubh Saanjh Chai) -Digestive Tea
  • Good Evening Tea (Shubh Saanjh Chai) -Digestive Tea
  • Good Evening Tea (Shubh Saanjh Chai) -Digestive Tea

Good Evening Tea (Shubh Saanjh Chai) -Digestive Tea

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Brand:butterfly ayurveda
Country of manufacture:India

Alleviate the discomfort of indigestion with Shubh Saanjh Chai that is designed to balance elevated vata dosha during late afternoon to early evening time. Excessive belching, gas formation, flatulence and unpleasant smelling breath may be the symptoms of risen vata. These symptoms are after-effects of improper digestion.


Enjoy Good Evening Tea between 2 pm to 6 pm or anytime after a heavy meal.

Ingredients: Black tea leaves with Elaichi Laghu, Ajwain, Saunf & Shankhpushpi




Balances vata

Carminative & aids in digestion

Helpful in respiratory problems

Good for heart

Helps improve halitosis (bad breath)


How to brew a cup of tea?

Boil 100 ml water in a pan at 90-100° C

Turn off the flame

Add 1-2 g (approx. a teaspoonful) Butterfly tea

Cover the pan for a minute or two

Strain & serve hot

You can add milk & sugar to taste

Net weight: Packs of 200 g & 100 g



Packing style: Tea protected inside air-tight aluminum foil with paper board pouch on top

Brand: butterfly ayurveda
Type of tea: Black tea
Country of manufacture: India
Type of flavoring ingredients: Natural
Flavor ingredients: Clove whole, Cinnamon
Weight: 200/100 g
Type of release: Loose leaf
Origin: Indian
Size of the leaf: Broken leaf
Packaging: Pack of foil
Amount of packaging: 200/100 g
Information is up-to-date: 16.11.2017

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